What Is VPN? Benefits of VPN ?? How to Use VPN??

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In Today's Article we are going to talk about VPN and we will be cover points like What is the VPN ? Benefits of VPN? How to Use VPN?? And many more about it. So let's Know About it in deep....

What is the VPN??

 VPN is the actual Server of many area and internet connected countries. VPN is the shortform of VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK.Commonly, VPN is use for Access the blocked sites and websites like Adult or Illegal Websites.In case you're unable to access that website in your country or particular area so you can easily connect the VPN with your Server and you will be Access that sites...

Benefits of VPN??

VPS is the largest service with any many strong network that's why it has many advantage for user and their country it's Many advantage and also disadvantage but in this article we only cover it's advantages so let's Know it's advantages one by one...

(Track Location)

If You will use or suffering the internet with connected of VPN there is nobody able to track your real-time location and also can't capture you in case that person will owner or developer of that VPN which is you are using currently on your device..

(IP Address) 

VPN change your IP address when you connect it with any one country's Server. it continuously keep your IP address changed so you can also chatting and watching adult video without fear...


For Your Kind information, VPN is more faster than your real network speed because you are using other countries server and that country has a more powerful internet connectivity as compare to your Country that's why you will get more speed on internet..

How to Use VPN?

There is very easy method to use VPN properly and safely on your device still many persons are unable to use VPN properly and they always thinking "How to Use VPN?" So be relax after the read this article you must be able to use VPN. First of all You Have To install any one of VPN From Play Store. If you are unable to decide or find a free and best VPN. You can download any one from following suggested by me . I provided the download link for All VPN (There is 3 Best And Free VPN ). After the Installation open the VPN and click On Connect and remember you must click on Free Server not premium otherwise that will not work.

Here is the Best VPN for You (FREE)


NOTE:  Still You can't understand and can't use VPN you can also Watch the Video Below 👇🏻👇🏻

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