#BabaKaDhaba After Couple's Plight Moves Social Media

 "We are very happy with the number of customers that are turning up now. We are grateful for the public support," said Kanta Prasad. His wife added, "During the lockdown months we could not sell anything. We struggled to survive but today we are flooded with customers. We want to give our blessings to all those who helped us."

Hey Guys I am Arbaz and today I back with another new post so let's start....

In the Just Few Hours "Baba Ka Dhaba" became so famous and Viral on every Social Media Platform because Food Blogger named "Gaurav Saran ". His video turned everything in life of that Uncle Aunty. Gaurav said " When I came here Yesterday I had goosebumps listening to their plight. They made barely 70-100 per day. They came at early morning 6:30 am and set up the shop and had spent upto 500 rupees but even after lunchtime they had only earned 70 rupee. So I decided to record video and share to help them. I am overwhelmed with the kind of that he has received then".

Guys Really This is the Rar case which brings Smile in Social Media now let's know about them..

New Delhi - Somewhere In New Delhi, an old couple selling hot cooked meals and and items for just make money for tomorrow's menu but even not that, they doing this same job last 30 years In Malviya Nagar Of Delhi.

Uncle's Name is Kanta Prasad who is 80 year old and his wife Badami Devi usually started cooking in morning 6:30 am, Dal Curry, Parathas and rice kept with large dish to sell around 30 - 50 a plate.

 When he was asked how much he earn in a day ? He broke down and shown some notes which totals something 70-80 rupees. Scraps for hours of hard work. They hardly made huge profit but lockdown has been devastating for their little shop. The couple gets no help from the Daughter And Sons even they are also depended on them and lives with them 

Within hours, everyone and everywhere tweets and like about " Baba Ka Dhaba and Many offered to help the couple by some money and others announced plans for lunch at Baba Ka Dhaba. Even many Cricketer and Celebrities tweeted are actor Sonam Kapoor, cricketer R Ashwin, IPL team Delhi Capitals and food delivery app Zomato.

After all that happens Mr. Kanta Prasad said " We are happy now to see the numbers of customers who are come to lunch and we are greatfull to public support" and his wife added " During the Lockdown days we couldn't sell anything, we struggle to food and survive but today we are very happy to see all of this, we giving our blessings to the all customers who helped us " 

 Here are the Tweets Of Celebrities For "Baba Ka Dhaba "

So Guys Today, we have to do what Gaurav did, even if we cannot help them, but if we can help our local areas, and if you can not do financial help, then make a small video and put it on social media, it will be much more help.

  So it's for today See You Tomorrow In next awesome post Till then bye stay happy and safe and help others


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